How to get the most out of a psychic reading.

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From Erin Pavlina’s blog entry “Psychics Are Like Doctors”:

Damnit, Jim, I’m a Psychic Not a Mind Reader
You develop a sharp, gut-wrenching, pain in your belly so you go see your doctor. Is this how your conversation goes?

Doctor: What seems to be the trouble, young man?
You: You’re the doctor, you tell me.
Doctor: Well what is your chief complaint?
You: If I have to tell you that, then maybe you’re not the doctor I think you are!
Doctor: Well alright, let me take a look around. Ah, you have some really bad dandruff. I can write you a prescription for that.
You: No that’s not why I’m here! Try again.
Doctor: Well let’s see, your neck glands are a little swollen. Do you have a sore throat?
You: Well now that you mention it, yes, but that’s still not why I’m here.
Doctor: Alright, let me keep looking. Ah, you have an irregular heartbeat. Were you aware of that?
You: Yes, I’m on medication for it. You’re good, but please keep going, that’s not why I’m here.
Doctor: Your big toe has a fungus on it. I’ll get my nurse to put some cream on it for you before you go.
You: Oh, gee, thanks. But you still haven’t addressed what I want to talk about.
Doctor: Well I’m sorry but we’re out of time. I’ve addressed many of your problems, though. Perhaps next time we meet you’ll let me know what your major concern is so I can address that for you.

This bit is humorous, but the article also has very practical information about how best to approach a reading.

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